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A105 NPT Steam Trap

Trim: SS304 CF8

Connection:NPT threat
Pressure : 10.1Bar
TEMP : 270℃




High Capacity Ball Float Steam Trap

 High Capacity Ball Float Steam Trap is designed to offer perfect condensate drainage and air venting for process, heating and mains drainage applications. It's also one of the most popular mechanical steam traps in the world!

Benefits from an integral automatic air vent with flow direction right to left as standard. Stainless Steel body with SG Iron cover, in PN16 Screwed BSP. Available in 4.5 bar (FTGS HC 14-4.5), 10 bar (FTGS14 HC -10) and 14 bar (FTGS14 HC -14).

Typical applications include heat exchangers, separator drainage and rotating drying cylinders.


Key features:

Low cost of ownership: Stainless Steel base for longer life, low maintenance and minimal system downtime.

Easy to replace: dimensionally interchangeable with the FT14. No live steam loss Achieved by self-aligning valve and water seal.

Erosion resistant: Improved design with simplified flow paths to reduce erosion.

Effective condensate drainage: modulating valve orifice mechanism that provides complete and immediate condensate removal under all positive pressure load conditions.

Quick start-up: integral air vent for maximum venting of air to improve productivity.

High quality product: improved materials and surface finish offer a high quality product Impact resistant Strong float construction guaranteed against waterhammer.

Available in sizes: 1".

Maximum temperature: 250°C.

Gasket material – Graphite.


The temperature-adjustable trap can discharge the condensed water in the steam pipe network and heating equipment in time. It is suitable for steam main pipes, sub-cylinders, heat tracing pipes, radiators, and jacketed boilers.

1. The principle of thermal expansion and contraction of the bimetallic strip ensures reliable steam resistance and drainage action.

2. Water resistance, excellent air exhaust performance, noise-free movement and can be installed at any angle.

3. The discharge temperature can be adjusted, and there is high temperature condensed water in the valve, and there is no steam leakage.

4. Effective use of the sensible heat in high-temperature condensed water, with significant energy-saving effects.

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