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Stainless Steel PTFE Seal Wafer Butterfly Valve

Actuator:Stainless Steel

Valve Body:Stainless Steel CF8

Valve Disc:Stainless Steel CF8M

Valve Stem:Stainless Steel CF8

Valve Seat:PTFE

Pin:With Pin

Bolt:Stainless Steel SS201


Standard:PN10/16 150LB 5K/10K

Top Flange:ISO 5211

Size:4inch DN100





Wafer Butterfly Valve -LWBV-10 ,is a normal type of butterfly valve - Handle Type Stainless Steel Body & 

Disc PTFE Seal Wafer Butterfly Valve.

  1. Valve Actuator:Stainless Steel SS304 CF8 Handle (Square Type ,Flange Plate 5211)with 2 Hole 45°

  2. Valve Body :Stainless Steel SS304 CF8 Top Flange 8 Hole ,suit for 2 standard 90° GB standard and 45°

    ISO 5211 standard.

  3. Valve Disc:Stainless Steel CF8M SS316 ,2 type can be choose with pin or without pin

  4. Valve Shaft:Stainless Steel CF8 SS304 ,2 type can be choose with pin or without pin

  5. Valve Seal:PTFE 0-150℃


(1) High temperature butterfly valve. t>450 C butterfly valve

(2) Medium temperature butterfly valve. 120 C<t<450 C butterfly valve

(3) Normal temperature butterfly valve. One 40C<t<; 120 C butterfly valve

(4) Cryogenic butterfly valve. One 100<t<一40 C butterfly valve

(5) Ultra-low temperature butterfly valve. t<一100 C butterfly valve


LWBV-10 Stainless Steel Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

Actuator:Steel Handle/Aluminum2002 2004 2007/Stamping Handle/Stainless Steel

Valve Body:Ductile Iron/GGG40/GGG50/WCB ASTM A216/Brass/Aluminum/Stainless Steel

Valve Disc:Ductile Iron GGG50/Aluminum-Bronze/Stainless SteelCF8 CF8M CF3M 2507 1.4529/WCB

Valve Stem:Carbon Steel/SS410 SS420 SS416 SS304 SS316 SS316L 

Valve Seat:EPDM/NBR/PTFE/Viton/Natural Rubber

Pin:With Pin/No Pin

Bolt:Stainless Steel SS201


Standard:PN10/16 150LB 5K/10K

Top Flange:ISO 5211

Size:4inch DN100, DN20-DN1200



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