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1000WOG Stainless Steel 1 PC Ball Valve

Actuator:Steel Handle

Valve Body:Stainless Steel CF8M

Valve Ball:SS316 CF8M

Valve Seal:PTFE

Valve Stem:SS316

Bolt:Stainless Steel SS201



Size: DN10-DN100





1PC Ball Valve -LWBV-1 ,is a normal type of ball valve - Handle Type Stainless Steel 316 Valve Body & Ball Valve. 

Ball valve is spheroid around a rotary axis lines to achieve valve body opened and closed a valve.

  1. Ball valve fluid resistance small, and its resistance coefficient with the length of the barrel of equivalent.

  2. Ball valve structure simple. smallsize, light weight.

  3. Ball valve closely reliable,current Ball valve sealed surface material widely used plastic, undergo good in a

    vacuum system also has been widely used.

  4. Ball alve easy to operate, the closing rapidly, from open all around, as long as there90E.facilitate remote control.

  5. Ball valve maintenance convenience Ball valve structure simple.seal ring generallyactivities, the removal of

    the replacement is more convenient.

  6. Ball valve whole or in the open all closed, spheroid and the sealed surface with medium valve seat

    separation medium through will not cause the valves sealed surface erosion.

  7. Ball valve application scope Link Drive from small to several millimetres, a few meters in from the high

    pressure can be high vacuum applications.


The ball valve should be used for open ,close and regulating medium flow in pipeline of petroleum,chemical,

food,medicine,metallurgy,ship,can also be used in a variety of corrosive medium,the following feature.

  1. Excellent bidirectional sealing performance,minimized operation torque.

  2. Flow characteristics tend to be straight,good regulation performance.

  3. Choosing different materials, can be used in corrosive medium.

  4. Simple and compact structure,compact and light,easy to transport,install and disassemble.



Actuator:Steel Handle

Valve Body:Stainless Steel CF8M

Valve Ball:SS304 CF8/SS316 CF8M

Valve Seal:PTFE

Valve Stem:SS304 CF8 SS316 CF8M

Bolt:Stainless Steel SS201


Packing Details:

Normal We use 1.1*1.1*1.1m Wooden Box 

Each Valve we use 1 pcs Small Paper Box,then some pcs in a Bigger Paper Box,All Bigger Paper Box in a Wooden Box. 

1   20GP container can loading 20 * 1.1*1.1*1.1m wooden boxes

1   20GP container can loading 24-26Ton

1   1.1*1.1*1.1m wooden box can loading valves qty

Each Wooden Box weight is 60-65KG 

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