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What Are the Advantages of Butterfly Valves?

Oct. 15, 2021

Depending on the application, butterfly valves can offer significant advantages over other types of valves. We have previously described the components of a butterfly valve and now LIWEI continues with the advantages and some applications of butterfly valves. If you need one please visit our website, we also have ball valves, gate valves and other values for sale.

Handle Ductile Iron Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

Handle Ductile Iron Wafer Type Butterfly Valve


Lightweight and compact

With their compact design and small face-to-face dimensions, butterfly valves offer a significantly reduced installation footprint and provide savings in the form of lower installation costs (including labour costs, equipment and pipework support).

Quick action

The valve can be fully closed or opened by turning the handle or actuator by 90°. However, with larger butterfly valves, a gearbox is often required as part of the actuator mechanism, which reduces operating torque and simplifies valve operation, but reduces speed.

Low cost

Due to their simple design, butterfly valves require less material and are simpler to design and manufacture, making them often a more economical choice compared to other valve types. The cost savings are mainly in the larger valve sizes, usually larger than DN 300.

Low maintenance

An inherently simple, economical design consisting of few moving parts and therefore fewer wear points, significantly reducing their maintenance requirements.

F.R.L Pneumatic Wafer Butterfly Valve

F.R.L Pneumatic Wafer Butterfly Valve

Common applications

Some processes require more resistant and wear-resistant valves with special features.

Shipbuilding industry

Butterfly valves are often used in ships where ABS approved materials have been chosen due to their high durability in salt water. This type of valve effectively creates a watertight shut-off in the ship's piping system to prevent any flow in the pipeline. Their small size also allows them to be used in the tight spaces commonly found on ships. 

Food processing 

Simple design, high durability and low maintenance are the features required to regulate the flow of fluids in any piping system.

Although standard resilient seat valves are not 3A certified, there are many on the market that maintain hygienic connections inside and out.

Stopping fluids

Their simple design allows them to take up less space and weigh less than other types of valves. These valves provide a tighter seal than the gate of a globe valve and are often gas tight. This is most useful when trying to stop the flow of fluids, as it prevents any fluid from passing through the pipe when it is closed.

Oil refineries

Butterfly valves are commonly found in oil refineries. These often use higher performance valves with steel bodies that are more 'high end' or triple eccentric designs that are 'fireproof' and gas tight. Many applications involving water use resilient fixed versions.

To get high-quality valves, please contact our experts. The products of Tianjin Liwei are sold to more than 30 countries around the world. We expect customers to give positive feedback and suggestions in the process of use, and help us do better.

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