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Jun. 09, 2021

We have enough valve body,valve disc, valve shaft, valve seal, and actuator, let us can finish customer order quickly, but when raw material go up more, something we can not control, maybe slowly than normal. (like 2021), but when back stable we will do all we can do.

We can produce Butterfly Valve (Wafer Type Butterfly Valve, Double Flange Butterfly Valve, Lug Type Butterfly valve) Gate Valve and Globe Valve, Y -Strainer, Ball Valve, Check Valve so on.) We supply GGG Service - Great Quality, Great Price, Great Service.
Tianjin Li Wei Valve Co.,Ltd. have production and sell experience more than 20 years. We can give you more reasonable advise on your business to let your business better and better.
We know which type hot sale in your country or your market.
And we can supply High-Mid-Lower, 3 level type valves, any type valve and any level price type all you can contact us. However deal or not we can give you a price list for reference.

Tianjin Li Wei Valve Co.,Ltd- Trading Department - Products Show

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