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GGG40 GGG50 Ductile Iron Body Painting Disc Handle Type Wafer Butterfly Valve

Actuator:Aluminum Handle

Valve Body:Ductile Iron/GGG40/GGG50

Valve Disc:Ductile Iron GGG50

Valve Stem:Carbon Steel

Valve Seat:EPDM Soft Back

Pin:Without Pin

Bolt:Stainless Steel SS201


Standard:PN10/16 150LB 5K/10K

Top Flange:ISO 5211


Size:4inch DN100





Wafer Butterfly Valve -LWBV-1 ,is a normal type of butterfly valve - Handle Type Ductile Iron Valve Body & Disc Wafer Butterfly Valve.

  1. Valve body and seat are adopted with split design for easy maintenance and replacement.

  2. After maching of valve body, because of without lining rubber, to avoid the pressure deformation of the lining rubber.Which ensure the accuracy of body symmetry and reduce the torque of butterfly valve.

  3. Valve stem and valve body are equipped with 4 oil proof bearing,which is benefical to stem support.the upper shaft hole is equipped with 2 o-ring and 1 special rectangular screw ring water seal,which make s the axial seal more reliable.

  4. The 2 ends of the valve plate shaft hole are designed with grooves,which can effectively prevent damage of valve seat caused by the excessive extrusion when valve shaft is loaded into valve to ensure the sealing of valve seat end face and the valve plate.

  5. After quenching and tempring process ,the pin material of butterfly valve has high strength and high corrosion resiatance ,and the connection is more safe and stable.

  6. A Non-Pin stem  adopts an anti-exit structure ,spring+U type card structure are used in the upper part of the stem,which can not only compensate for installation errors,but also prevent the stem from loosening.


The butterfly valve should be used for open ,close and regulating medium flow in pipeline of petroleum,chemical,food,medicine,metallurgy,ship,can also be used in a variety of corrosive medium,the following feature.

  1. Excellent bidirectional sealing performance,minimized operation torque.

  2. Flow characteristics tend to be straight,good regulation performance.

  3. Choosing different materials, can be used in corrosive medium.

  4. Simple and compact structure,compact and light,easy to transport,install and disassemble.


LWBV-1 Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

Actuator:Steel Handle/Aluminum2002 2004 2007/Stamping Handle/Stainless Steel

Valve Body:Ductile Iron/GGG40/GGG50/WCB ASTM A216/Brass/Aluminum/Stainless Steel

Valve Disc:Ductile Iron GGG50/Painting Disc/Aluminum-Bronze/Stainless SteelCF8 CF8M CF3M 2507 1.4529/WCB

Valve Stem:Carbon Steel/SS410 SS420 SS416 SS304 SS316 SS316L 

Valve Seat:EPDM/NBR/PTFE/Viton/Natural Rubber

Pin:With Pin/No Pin

Bolt:Stainless Steel SS201


Standard:PN10/16 150LB 5K/10K

Top Flange:ISO 5211

Size:4inch DN100, DN20-DN1200



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