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Dc Valve Body Design Digital Locking Water Static Balancing Valve

Valve Body:Ductile Iron Body

Valve Disc: WCB + Stainless Steel

Actuator: Manual

Size: DN32-DN350

TEMP: 0°C ~ + 130°C

No.: LWPBV-14



Product Name
Working pressure
1.6MPa PN16 (Max PN25, 2.5Mpa)
Working remperature
-30 to 120C
Water or steam
Standard or Nonstandard
Water or steam


Static balance valve is a kind of static hydraulic working condition balance valve, using DC valve structure, can reasonably distribute the flow, and effectively solve the problem of uneven heating and cooling in the heating (air conditioning)system. At the same time, it can adjust the pressure drop and flow accurately, so as to improve the liquid flow state in the pipe network system, achieve liquid balance in the pipe network and save energy. The valve is equipped with an open degree indicator and network system, achieve liquid balance in the pipe network and save energy. The valve is equipped with an open degree indicator and a pressure measuring interface for flow measurement. As long as the balance valve of appropriate specifica tions is installed in each branch and the user's entrance, the total water quantity of the system is controlled within a reasonable range and the unreasonable phenomenon of "large flow" and "small temperature difference" is overcome.


  1. A good regulating performance;

  2. accurate to 1/10 ring opening laps;

  3. the theoretical flow characteristic curve with an equal percentage (approximate) characteristics of 30-50% valve authority, the actual flow characteristics such as linear;

  4. with the opening lock function, non-property management staff can not change the settings;

  5. can be easily and effectively on the pressure, flow regulation, supporting smart meters can easily display the working pressure and flow, to guide and record balance;

  6. PTFE seal, seal performance, reliable, long life;

  7. according to the pressure difference before and after the opening percentage and valves, can calculate flow through the valve;

  8. I have the internal components are stainless steel, copper alloy manufacturing, anti-corrosion performance;

  9. within the lift stem no need to reserve the room for maneuver;

  10. Body Material: DN15-DN300 gray cast iron; DN350-DN600 carbon steel; DN15-DN32 forging copper alloys.

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