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Double Air Released Valve


TEMP: Normal Temperature

Shell Strength Test: 1.5Mpa

Floating Ball Seal Test : 0.05-1.1MPa

Valve Body Material:Ductile Iron GGG40/GGG50

Floating Ball Material:Stainless Steel




Flange type double orifice air release valve with double ball is suitable for water pipeline, working as a device to release 

air inside pipeline, to increase water supply efficiency and protect pipeline from deformation and breaking. Air release valve is necessary for pipe equipment.

Air exhaust valve is mainly composed of valve body, valve cover, stem, floating ball, exhaust nozzle, etc

1 Able to release air inside pipe, to reduce resistance, save power.

2 When the pipe is in vacuum condition, it could inhale air into pipe to protect pipeline from deformation and breaking.

3 Floating ball is made of stainless steel, long service time, safe and reliable.


Rapid suction valve use of:

Quick exhaust (suction) valve for pressure conveying the water suction and exhaust pipe.
The P41X quick exhaust valve features:
1. can not rule out the gas pipelinereducing resistance, energy.
2.When the pipe negative pressure, the product can quickly auto-aspirated to prevent a pipeline rupture.
3.Exhaust capacity exhaust valve times of ordinary holes.
4.Float stainless steellong life, safe and reliable.


1.medium: water  

2. temperature: room temperature  

3.Shell strength test pressure1.5MPa, no damage.   

4.Float seal test pressure0.05 ~ 1.1Mpa and leak-free.
5.Body material: Ductile Iron GGG50.       

6.Float materialstainless steel

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