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Electric Actuator Wafer Butterfly Valve

Actuator:Electric ON/OFF

Valve Body:WCB

Valve Disc:Stainless Steel 316 CF8M

Valve Stem:Stainless Steel 420

Valve Seat:EPDM

Pin:With Pin

Bolt:Stainless Steel SS201


Standard:PN10/16 150LB 5K/10K

Top Flange:ISO 5211


Size:4inch DN100





Wafer Butterfly Valve -LWBV-5 ,is a normal type of butterfly valve - Electric Actuator Wafer Butterfly Valve

Electric butterfly valves belong to a variety of electric valves and electric regulating valves. Electric butterfly 

valve connection methods mainly include: flange type and wafer type; electric butterfly valve sealing forms 

mainly include: rubber seal and metal seal. The electric butterfly valve controls the switch of the butterfly valve 

through the power signal. The product can be used as a shut-off valve, control valve and check valve for piping

systems. With manual control device, once there is a power failure, it can be temporarily operated manually 

without affecting the use.


Electric butterfly valves are suitable for occasions that require flow adjustment. Since the pressure loss of the 

butterfly valve in the pipeline is relatively large, it is about three times that of the gate valve. Therefore, when 

selecting the butterfly valve, the influence of the pressure loss of the pipeline system should be fully considered, 

and the strength of the butterfly plate to withstand the pressure of the pipeline medium when it is closed should 

also be considered. sex. In addition, it is necessary to consider the limitation of the working temperature that the

 elastic valve seat material can withstand at high temperatures. The structural length and overall height of the 

butterfly valve are small, the opening and closing speed is fast, and it has good fluid control characteristics. 

The structural principle of the butterfly valve is most suitable for making large-diameter valves. When the 

butterfly valve is required for flow control, the most important thing is to correctly select the size and type 

of the butterfly valve so that it can work properly and effectively.


LWBV-5 Electric Butterfly Valve

Actuator:Pneumatic/Liquid/Gear Box/Handle

Valve Body:Ductile Iron/GGG40/GGG50/WCB ASTM A216/Brass/Aluminum/Stainless Steel

Valve Disc:Ductile Iron GGG50/Aluminum-Bronze/Stainless Steel CF8 CF8M CF3M 2507 1.4529/WCB

Valve Stem:Carbon Steel/SS410 SS420 SS416 SS304 SS316 SS316L 

Valve Seat:EPDM/NBR/PTFE/Viton/Natural Rubber

Pin:With Pin/No Pin

Bolt:Stainless Steel SS201


Standard:PN10/16 150LB 5K/10K

Top Flange:ISO 5211

Size:4inch DN100, DN20-DN1200



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